Student camps organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sport - 2021

Students who meet the following conditions (see Art. 4 and Art. 5 of the Methodology) are eligible for free places in the student camps allocated to Babeș-Bolyai University during the summer holiday:

1. General criteria:

  • a) they are enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme and are full-time students;
  • b) they are students aged 18 to 35 (as defined in Art. 2, paragraph 2, letter a) of Law No. 350/2006, Youth Law);

2. Specific criteria:

  • a) welfare cases (see Art. 5, paragraph (1), letter a) of the Methodology);
  • b) students who have passed all their exams, with outstanding results, in the previous year of study (for students in the second year and older) or in the 1st semester of the current academic year (for first year students)

Legislation and other resources