Faculty of Engineering

We educate the engineers of the future

Following in the footsteps of a tradition of technical and technological innovation started back in 1771, after 200 years, in 1971, the higher technical education is established in Reşiţa. For over 49 years, the trained specialists in Reşiţa remain at the forefront of the technological revolution, both in the traditional industries (electromechanics, mechanical engineering) and in the vanguard (applied computer science). The high demand for engineering graduates on the labour market from companies translates into an exponential growth of employment opportunities for young engineers.

The fundamental mission of the Faculty of Engineering, now part of UBB Cluj, supports the initial and continuous professional training through undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programmes, post-secondary programmes and specialisation/upskilling training in areas relevant to the needs of the region. The multidisciplinary nature of our study programmes, providing both expertise and management skills, is designed to offer graduates not only the chance of rapid integration into the labour market, but also to induce an entrepreneurial spirit. In the context of a knowledge-based society, considering a humanist approach, another mission undertaken at the Faculty of Engineering is to train civic and socially responsible graduates who will act as European citizens involved in the needs of the community and society.

Another component of the mission of the Faculty of Engineering is to support the business environment and a strong public institutional environment by conducting applied research on topics relevant to the region, reflected in the knowledge transfer to local companies and institutions. The proof of a good professional training and of the formation of strong and innovative individuals is the large number of engineers from Reşiţa who have joined the research and production teams in the country and abroad. We don't just train professionals, we model individuals.