Faculty of History and Philosophy

The Faculty of History and Philosophy is the successor of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy which activated in the University of Cluj between 1872 and 1948. After a series of changes which occurred between 1948 and 1959 a decision was taken to adopt a curriculum with a historical-philosophical content, combining philosophy and history, maintained until 1989. After 1990, taking into account the experience of prestigious departments and faculties in other countries, the Faculty of History and Philosophy has taken important steps towards modernizing its structure and teaching programmes.

The Faculty of History and Philosophy comprises eight departments: Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, Department of Medieval History, Pre-Modern History and Art History, Department of Modern History, Archiving and Ethnology, Department of International Studies and Contemporary History, Department of History in Hungarian, Department of Philosophy, Department of Pre-Modern and Romanian Philosophy, Department of Philosophy in Hungarian. Add to this several research centres or independent research institutes - Institute of Pre- and Protohistory, Institute of Classical Studies, Centre of Studies for Dacian and Roman History and Archaeology, Institute of Central European Studies (ISCE), Institute of Oral History, Institute of International Studies, The Altiero Spinelli Centre for studying European Organization (CASSOE), Seminary of Anthropological History, Seminary of Historical Demography, Italian-Romanian Institute of Historical Studies, Centre for Ancient and Medieval Studies, Centre for Applied Philosophy (CFA).

The Faculty of History and Philosophy has an essential mission of education and research, provided by a prestigious teaching staff comprising 77 professors, associate professors, lecturers and assistants, preparing specialists in History, Archaeology, Art History, Archiving, Sciences of Information and Documentation, Jewish Studies, Ethnology, Cultural Tourism, International Relations and European Studies, Security Studies, Philosophy. Currently, a total of 1,500 students are enrolled in the Faculty of History and Philosophy in specialisations in Romanian, Hungarian, English and French in the 10 undergraduate majors (3 years) and 16 master's programmes (2 years), and 3 fields (History, Philosophy and International Relations and European Studies) at doctoral level.