Any person within the university and outside the university may refer to the Ethics Commission on matters regarding ethics violations by members of the academic community. An action that is considered to be a deviation from the UBB Code of Ethics will be signaled in writing and submitted to the Registry Office of UBB. Anonymous complaints will not be taken into account. The written complaint will contain: a) identification of the person who notifies the Commission (including contact details); b) description of the action denounced as a deviation from the Code of Ethics; c) identification of the person against whom the complaint is filed and any other information in order to resolve the complaint; d) The name of the person who is accused of infringement will be explicitly indicated in the complaint. The Commission will send a reply to the claimant within 30 days.


The Ethics Commission will sit in a meeting for analyzing the complaints or internal enquiries on deviations from the academic and research ethics in the shortest delay of the receipt thereof. Where necessary, the Commission summons for hearing the person that filed the complaint. In order to solve the notification, the person notified of failing to comply with the academic and research ethics can be heard by the Ethics Commission or may be invited to submit their personal point of view in writing. The hearings and deliberations are held in secret meeting and full confidentiality is maintained. Where necessary, the Commission may invite experts or expert groups to be involved in the analysis and resolution of complaints. Following the investigation and deliberations, the commission prepares a response or report to the rector with proposals regarding the measures to be taken. The decisions of the Ethics Commission on handling the complaints regarding the violations of the Code of Ethics shall be made by simple majority of committee members.