Administration Council


The Administration Council (CA) operates in accordance with the Education Law no. 1/2011, the Charter of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB), or in line with internal regulations.

The Administration Council of UBB is an academic structure that ensures the operational management and administration of the university and applies the decisions of the University Senate.

The Administration Council consists of a rector, vice-rectors, deans, chief administrative executive and the students prefect.

In the works of the Administration Council the president and the vice presidents of the UBB Senate are permanently invited, without voting rights. In the works of the Administration Council other persons may attend according to the provisions of the UBB Charter and also by invitation addressed by the Rector ex officio or upon the request of the person demonstrating a legitimate interest.


1. Professor Ioan-Aurel POP, Ph.D.
Member of the Romanian Academy
Rector, chair of CA
2. Professor PhD IOAN BOLOVAN Vice-Rector
3. Professor PhD DANIEL DAVID Vice-Rector
4. Professor PhD RUDOLF GRÄF Vice-Rector
5. Professor PhD DAN TUDORLAZĂR Vice-Rector
6. Associate professor PhD CRISTIAN MARIUS LITAN Vice-Rector
7. Professor PhD MIHAELA LUŢAŞ Vice-Rector
8. Professor PhD MARKÓ BÁLINT Vice-Rector
9. Professor PhD CĂLIN RUS Vice-Rector
10. Associate professor PhD SOÓS ANNA Vice-Rector
11. Professor Ioan BUCUR
Member of the Romanian Academy
Council for Doctoral Studies
12. Economist IOAN NEAG Chair
General Administrative Directorate (DGA)
13. Andrei Francisc TECSI Prefect of students
14. Professor PhD Adrian-Olimpiu PETRUŞEL Dean
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
15. Associate professor PhD Ladislau NAGY Dean
Faculty of Physics
16. Associate professor PhD Gabriela-Nicoleta NEMEŞ Dean
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
17. Professor PhD Octavian POPESCU
Member of the Romanian Academy
Faculty of Biology and Geology
18. Professor PhD . Dănuţ PETREA Dean
Faculty of Geography
19. Professor PhD Corin BRAGA Dean
Faculty of Letters
20. Professor PhD Florin STRETEANU Dean
Faculty of Law
21. Professor PhD Augustin Ovidiu GHITTA Dean
Faculty of History and Philosophy
22. Associate professor PhD Răzvan Valentin MUSTAȚĂ Dean
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
23. Professor PhD Adrian Nicolae OPRE Dean
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
24. Associate professor PhD Ioan Alin NISTOR Dean
Faculty of Business
25. Professor PhD Călin HINŢEA Dean
Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences
26. Professor PhD Nicolae PĂUN Dean
Faculty of European Studies
27. Professor PhD Leon GOMBOȘ Dean
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
28. Associate professor PhD Paul-Teodor HĂRĂGUȘ Dean
Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
29. Professor engineer PhD Alexandru OZUNU Dean
Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering
30. Professor PhD Liviu MALIŢA Dean
Faculty of Theatre and Television
31. Pr. Professor PhD Vasile STANCIU Dean
Faculty of Orthodox Theology
32. Pr. Professor PhD Cristian BARTA Dean
Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology
33. Pr. Associate professor PhD Ioan VIK Dean
Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology
34. Pr. Associate professor PhD Olga LUKÁCS Dean
Faculty of Reformed Theology
35. Syndicate representative Guest 
UBB Syndicate




  • PhD Tudor VLAD – University of Georgia, USA, deputy director of James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research
  • Professor PhD Michael METZELTIN – University of Vienna, Austria, member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, honorary member of the Romanian Academy
  • Professor PhD Cesare ALZATI – Catholic University of Milan, Italy, honorary member of the Romanian Academy
  • George ROTH – honorary consul of Romania in the United States of America