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The Cluj University Press Publishing House PUC

LOGO PUCCluj University Press was founded in 1993 in a time when Babes-Bolyai University was increasing its visibility in the European academic environment and has emerged as an important actor of cultural life by the quality and diversity of published books; the main purpose of the publishing house is to promote books of science and academic books. Currently, Cluj University Press publishes works in both classical and electronic format (

The published works fall into various fields, and the authors published are university teachers but also academics from the country and abroad.

The highest demand in an academic town such as Cluj-Napoca is for books that are based on university courses, from those with historiographical background in the field of ideologies and mentalities, and the study of imagery, but also ancient, medieval and modern history, Orthodox theology and Catholic books to books of sociology, psychology, pedagogy, geography, foreign languages, mathematics/ computer science, etc. A large number of books target the general public, being books of general interest, general culture. The current graphic quality of books published by Cluj University Press is very good and the policy of the publishing house is to find funding - public or private - so that the selling price of a book is a more accessible one.

Cluj University Press is accredited in all fields subject to re-accreditation in 2012 and in the fields previously accredited (