Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Romanian, EU¹, EEA² and SC³ citizens

Tuition fees will be paid by students either in full, or in instalments.

The instalment payment facility works as follows:

  1. until confirmation of place for the first year students, respectively by October 15 for students from other years of study, at least 25% of the annual tuition fee must be paid;
  2. by December 5, at least 50% of the annual tuition fee;
  3. by March 15, at least 75% of the annual tuition fee;
  4. by May 15, 100% of the annual tuition fee to be paid.

Administration Council Decision taking special measures for the suspension of penalties related to the 3rd installment of the tuition fees


EU¹: European Union; EEA²: European Economic Area; SC³: Swiss Confederation;