Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology

Studying theology means learning to guide yourself in a pluralistic universe in relationship with God and with your fellow human beings. This does not mean only to learn the Christian foundations of our society and culture, but also to assimilate general human values ​​in today's world.

What we propose is the study of theology in a highly scientific academic setting and in a multicultural and multi-denominational environment which is that of the University of Cluj. 

Our faculty tends to combine its manifest Catholic identity, connected to values ​​of European civilization, Byzantine ecclesiastical tradition as an expression of Romanian spirituality.

The Faculty of Greek Catholic Theology has the following outcomes:

  1. Growing and offering a deep and solid knowledge of the truth about God, man and the world, in the light of Christian revelation and reason through scientific research performed according to the method specific for each discipline.
  2. Philosophical-theological and professional training of students, according to their chosen specialisation.
  3. Permanent theological formation of the Greek Catholic clergy and other persons, either consecrated or secular involved in the Church activity and in the society.
  4. Theological and spiritual formation of the laity who want to live responsibly their adherence to faith, regardless of their field of activity.
  5. Supporting pastoral and evangelizing work of the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek Catholic Church, by specific means for teaching and research.

The Faculty of Greek Catholic Theology of the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca is divided into three departments: Blaj, Cluj and Oradea.