Faculty of Reformed Theology and Music

Education in the field of Theology at the Faculty of Reformed Theology and Music.
The Faculty of Reformed Theology and Music is a young faculty of the Babeș-Bolyai University, serving to equip a new generation of teachers from Transylvania with extensive knowledge in reformed theology, Protestant church culture and Biblical spirituality, capable to preach the spiritual and intellectual heritage of the reformers with belief, prophetic faith and devotion. This goal is symbolized by a phrase well known in our region: "Church and school." The faculty departments are equipped with a modern building infrastructure for quality education and research and a well prepared teaching staff.

Education in the field of Theology provides:

  • accredited Didactic Reformed theology specialisations or social work Reformed Theology *(after graduation)
  • quality education (with well-trained teachers)
  • budgeted places (35 places in 2015)
  • modern premises, tailored to the academic needs (in the centre of Cluj)
  • library and reading/study rooms - computer lab - family atmosphere
  • university campus accommodation possibilities - merit scholarships, study scholarships (for proficient students)
  • social grants (for eligible students)
  • Erasmus scholarship at partner universities
  •  discounts on city transport fare (for eligible students)
  • other facilities (participation in cultural events, sporting events (in the university park) etc.