Baru Complex

Baru practical training and Recreation complex intended primarily for students of UBB, is located in Baru, county of Hunedoara. The village is situated in the south-east of Haţegului Country in the depression with the same name, surrounded by the Şureanu mountains North-East and South-West of Retezat Mountains. The complex covers an area of 146 km² and is located 70 km from Deva, 23 km from Petroșani and 23 km from Hațeg. It can be reached by route DN 66, which connects Deva, Haţeg Baru, Petroșani and Târgu Jiu.

Opened in 2009 and modernized in 2014, the complex consists of five buildings which provide accommodation and dining, meetings, lecturing and seminar rooms. Since 2012, the complex offers its visitors a club, a social room, a gazebo, a barbecue area and an artificial turf football pitch, tennis, volleyball or basketball court. The complex can accommodate 80 people in rooms for 1, 2, 6 or 8 people, with or without bathroom, and since 2012 an apartment (3 rooms, accommodating 4 people, with private bathroom).

In the past four years, the Baru Practical Training and Recreation Complex recorded a significant increase in the number of visitors, averaging approx. 1,300 persons/year. The number of events and activities organized in the complex has also increased: field trips for students from the Faculty of Geography and the Faculty of Biology and Geology; historical-cultural or sporting themed trips, symposia, conferences, doctoral schools, summer schools and winter schools. Since 2013 there is an annual Performance Camp in Baru for undergraduate students, master's and PhD students from the Babes-Bolyai University, who obtained outstanding results in their studies and research.

The Baru Practical Training and Recreation Complex offers an ideal natural setting for academic and recreational activities.