Beliş Centre

Babeș-Bolyai University hotel and leisure complex in Beliș was inaugurated in 2008. Beliș is a mountainous settlement, situated at an altitude of 1,050 meters in the Gilău mountains and at the foot of Măgura Călăţele, on the banks of the dam reservoir from Fântânele. It is about 77 km west of Cluj-Napoca and 30 km south of Huedin. One can reach Beliș-Fântânele by taking the train to Huedin and from there one of the motor vehicles available. It can be reached by car also: first on route E60 Oradea - Cluj - Brașov to Huedin then on county road DJ 101 to the Beliș village.

The Beliș-Fântânele complex, which covers an area of over 11,800 m2, is intended for students from the faculties of Physical Education and Sport, Geography, Biology and Geology, who can carry out their specialised practical training as well as spend their free time. Visitors benefit from a hotel with a capacity of accommodating 60 people, a restaurant and a conference room. These facilities can be used for organizing international conferences, symposia, summer schools, etc.