Sports Park

"Prof. PhD Iuliu Hațieganu" University Sports Park or, by its old name, the "Babeș" Park is one of the biggest parks of Cluj-Napoca and at the same time it is also the campus of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport within UBB. It is situated along the Someș river on the West side of the city and it expands over a total surface of 25 hectares out of which around 2/3 consists of green spaces with alleys, lawn, flower beds, surfaces with trees and shrubs.

The park was established in 1931 through the undertakings and personal financial contribution of illustrious doctor Iuliu Hațieganu, rector of the Cluj University, in the memory of his son Iuliu Marius Hațieganu (Tuțu), who died at a young age. Under the guidance of Iuliu Hațieganu the initial project for the park was designed by the architect Elemér Moll and the city engineer Gyula Kovács, taking into account the suggestions made by P.E. teacher Albin Moraru and doctor Onoriu Creţianu. The initial project was awarded in the Sports Architecture Exhibition section of the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.

The park was designed to be the place of sports training to university students, but also an oasis of tranquillity and balance, accessible to everyone. The park combines authentic natural spaces with perimeters for sports activities. The park included a wooden church in Maramureș style, which burned in unexplained circumstances in the late 1980s. The wood gate at the entrance to the park was handmade by craftsman Petru Neagra a Ciutului of Albac.

In addition to the existing sports bases in the 80s the "Juventus" studio apartments building was built meant o provide accommodation for athletes. Around the old wooden hut, which provided housing for athletes modern accommodation has been built: The "Guest House" (in the 90s) and a student restaurant.

In 1996 the new building of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport was inaugurated and in 1997 the park was added a modern athletics track. Since 2005, football lovers have at their disposal a football field with artificial turf, floodlights, locker room and showers.

In October 2003 the nine-storey building "Universitas Student House"  was inaugurated for accommodating guests from abroad or from other parts of the country who are visiting UBB. In 2009 the "Universitas" Swimming Complex opened to the public.

Between 2014-2015 the park underwent major changes in order to provide for the education spaces and to upgrade the sports fields. Alleys were rehabilitated, as well as the water and sewage network and the lighting in the park. The total investment amounted to 31,712,688 lei (of which 21,289,445 lei constituted an EU contribution through the Regional Operational Programme - ROP).
The wooden church was rebuilt and inaugurated on December 18, 2015 in the presence of the UBB Rector, Ioan-Aurel Pop, Orthodox Metropolitan of Cluj, Andrei Andreicuţ, Mayor Emil Boc, UBB and UMF officials.

Currently all the FPES students carry on their didactic activities in the park, the departments of Physical Education from other faculties of UBB, athletes from the "Universitatea" Club and many people willing to move. By Decision no. 3659/29.03.2004 of the UBB Senate, the University students can benefit from a program of gratuities for all sporting facilities.

Brief presentation of the sports bases:

  •  V. Geleriu sports hall
  •  aerobics room
  •  athletics hall
  •  workout room
  •  massage room
  •  the running track covered in synthetic material
  •  two soccer grass fields and one slag field
  •  1 rugby field
  •  1 synthetic minifootball field with floodlights
  •  11 concrete/clay tennis courts
  •  2 bitumen tennis courts
  •  a bitumen platform (with handball, basketball, minifootball courts)
  •  changing rooms